The Best Movie You Never Saw

Needing money in a hurry to help his pals, the tramp agrees to take part in a crooked boxing match for a cut of the winning purse, but his crooked partner is changed by a legitmate fighter, who knocks him cold. Out on the streets, the tramp runs into the millionaire, who is back from Europe. Drunk again, he gladly offers the tramp $1,000 for the operation, but two crooks see the transaction and rob them.

When the tramp gets out of jail, he wanders into the store by chance. Naturally, she doesn’t acknowledge him, and laughingly provides him a flower and a coin. He refuses the money, however when she presses it into his hand, she acknowledges him by the feel of his skin and is moved. During the Gold Rush, prospectors brave Alaska’s dangerous Chilkoot Pass, hoping to strike it wealthy in the snowy mountains. Just as Big Jim McKay discovers gold on his declare, a storm arises, prompting a Lone Prospector to take refuge in a cabin.

The tramp calls the police, but by the time they arrive, the crooks have vanished and the police arrest the tramp. He runs away and manages to offer the money to the lady earlier than he’s taken off to jail. The girl gets her operation and opens up a successful flower store, imagining her benefactor in each rich younger man who comes into the shop.

Because she can’t see his shabby clothes, the woman thinks her benefactor is a wealthy young man. Determined to help her, the tramp returns to the mansion, however the millionaire has sobered up and doesn’t recognize him, so the tramp takes a job cleaning streets and offers the lady and her grandmother what money he can. By accident the tramp finds out they are behind of their rent and that there is a physician in Vienna who can cure blindness by an expensive operation.

  • When an indigenous woman, Nicolasa (Aurelia Caal), pressures Ernesto to return together with her to her village to assist dig up her own husband’s stays (“I want him to be in a spot where I can speak to him,” she says), he demurs and then relents.
  • Issues of class, alcoholism, personal failure, and secret wishes run by way of the film.
  • With light cinematography shot through with amber gentle and an intelligently wrought script, Miss Juneteenth has many pleasures.

Jim fights with Larsen over his shotgun, and after Jim prevails, the Prospector claims him as a detailed friend in order to remain protected. Over the subsequent few days, the three men live collectively uneasily, their hunger rising because the storm rages on.

Unknown to him, the cabin’s occupant is desperado Black Larsen, who attempts to throw the vagabond Prospector out. Strong winds, however, repeatedly blow the little man again inside, and soon after, Jim is also swept into the cabin.

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Gratefully, the person invites him to his mansion, which is presided over by a snobby butler named James they usually start to drink. Early the subsequent morning, after they return residence, the millionaire drunkenly offers the tramp money and using his Rolls Royce.