The 9 Best Movie Sets Of All Time

Barnes and Taylor cross paths on the battlefield, and although Barnes attempts to kill Taylor with a shovel, the two are knocked out by an air strike. He sees Barnes crawling via the jungle, severely injured, and shoots him lifeless. A search crew later finds Taylor sitting on a log, holding a grenade.

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Francis informs Taylor that they get to go residence since they have been wounded twice. As Taylor is lifted away by helicopter, he waves goodbye to Rhah, then holds himself and weeps. At an outside dedication ceremony, a tramp is found sleeping within the arms of a statue as it’s being unveiled earlier than a crowd. He is chased into the city, the place he meets a wonderful, blind flower woman, and buys a flower with his last coin.

As Elias is shot a number of extra times and falls to the bottom, Taylor glares at Barnes, realizing his earlier report of Elias’s dying was a lie. Back on the base, Barnes hears Taylor secretly urging the opposite troopers to kill their sergeant, but no one strikes when Barnes dares them to attempt. Taylor attacks Barnes, but the sergeant overpowers him and holds a knife to his face. Although Rhah urges Barnes to again off, Barnes makes a minimize under Taylor’s eye before leaving. Wolfe instructions Rhah to head Elias’s squad, but Rhah argues that the squad has solely six people remaining.

  • Toy Story was voted no 1 on the “Top one hundred Animated Features of All Time” record by the Online Film Critics Society (printed March 2003).
  • In the Mood for Love (花樣年華; 2000) reached the highest position (number 24 in 2012) of any Hong Kong film on the 2012 Sight & Sound ballot.’s lists of biggest movies of all time.
  • It also topped a poll of 4000 film followers for “biggest animated movie of all time” in 2009, when it was re-launched in 3D.
  • The Shawshank Redemption was voted the greatest film of all time by Empire readers in “The 201 Greatest Movies of All Time” poll undertaken in March 2006.

After he reprimands Wolfe, Barnes takes charge and orders everyone to retreat to helicopters. When he finds Elias separated from the others, Barnes shoots him down. Moments later, Barnes runs into Taylor and tells him that Elias was killed in motion. Though Taylor needs to search out Elias, Barnes orders him to escape within the helicopters. As the surviving troopers are flown out of the realm, they spot Elias on the ground below, working from a gaggle of NVA troopers.

O’Neill, who has reservations concerning the platoon’s upcoming mission, asks Barnes if he can take his relaxation and recuperation leave early, but Barnes rejects the request, claiming that everybody must die someday. That night time, Taylor and his companion, Francis, watch from a foxhole as NVA troopers invade their camp. Though they’re outnumbered, Francis and Taylor gun down several soldiers and escape the foxhole just before it’s hit by a grenade. Taylor runs via the camp, on a killing spree, capturing one soldier after one other. Meanwhile, Harris orders the Air Force to “expend all remaining” within the surrounding perimeter.

Francis emerges from a foxhole and stabs himself with a bayonet to be able to be taken away as a casualty. O’Neill emerges from his hiding place under the physique of a lifeless NVA soldier. To O’Neill’s dismay, Harris gives him management over the platoon when gets again to camp.