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The Kid boasts that he has killed five people, and asks Munny a couple of infamous shootout in Jackson County, during which he was rumored to have killed two deputies who had him cornered at shut vary. The next day, as they enter Big Whiskey, they see a bruised English Bob being driven out of city in a carriage. At the jail, Little Bill gets word that three men have come into city, and no less than two of them are armed.

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Still struggling a excessive fever, Munny believes he’s dying and begs Ned not to inform his kids about his checkered previous. When his fever finally breaks, he wakes up to find Delilah Fitzgerald tending to him. He sees the scars on her face and remarks that he should look like her now, however assures her he does not think she is ugly. Delilah provides him sex, informing him that Ned and the Kid have been sleeping with the women upfront of their reward, however Munny cannot be untrue to his spouse.

  • Andrews summons Peter to the home, and when he arrives, he presents Andrews with an itemized bill for $39.60, the quantity he spent in the course of the journey.
  • Moments later, as Andrews walks Ellie down the aisle, he tells her of his assembly with Peter and that her automobile is waiting by the gate if she changes her thoughts.
  • He refuses any reward, which impresses Andrews, and Andrews makes Peter admit that he loves Ellie as nicely.

Munny joins Ned Logan and the Kid as they got down to find Quick Mike and Davey Bunting. Munny takes over and, with just one bullet left, shoots Davey in the intestine. Munny discourages him from quitting, however promises to share the reward with him regardless. A group of native cowboys catch Ned on his means back to Kansas and convey him to Little Bill, who brutally whips him and demands the names of his accomplices. Munny and the Kid stake out the Bar T ranch the place Quick Mike is in hiding.

He goes to Greely’s whorehouse and finds Munny, soaked via and feverish, in the saloon. While the Kid and Ned are upstairs receiving an “advance” on their reward, Little Bill calls for Munny’s firearm and beats him when he lies about having one. Munny is kicked out in the rain, simply as the prostitutes push the Kid and Ned out an upstairs window. The three take cowl in a shack, the place Ned stitches a gash in Munny’s face.

Finally, Quick Mike has to make use of the outhouse, giving the Kid a possibility to ambush him. He shoots Mike in the chest three times, and a bunch of Bar T ranchers shoot at Munny and the Kid as they flee. When he begins to cry, Munny empathizes, saying, “It’s a hell of a thing killing a man.” Teenage prostitute “Young Sue” delivers the reward cash and reviews that Ned died while Little Bill was torturing and interrogating him. Learning that Ned’s physique is on show exterior Greely’s, Munny turns into enraged.