The Return Of “The Oscar,” An Unseeable, Unwatchable Flop

It’s simple to see what made audiences and Academy voters fall in love with A Beautiful Mindback in 2001. Russell Crowe was on prime of the world, Ron Howard was a capable director-for-rent, and actually, it’s a lot of enjoyable watching actually smart people do actually sensible things. Still, it’s hard to look past A Beautiful Mind’s deeply formulaic take on mathematician John Forbes Nash’s battle with schizophrenia, despite a number of strong performances. Directed by Wesley Ruggles and starring Irene Dunne, pre-Hays Code Cimarron was the first Western to win the Academy Award for Best Picture.

While Jarin Blaschke’s black-and-white cinematography is beautiful (and earned him a nicely-deserved Oscar nomination), it’s the interaction between Dafoe and Pattinson that in the end makes the movie the sort that stays with you for days. Twenty-five years after the original Toy Story arrived, Pixar’s flagship franchise has not lost any of its … Read More