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But damn, with Richard Shepard whipping via rug-pull twists quick enough to suit three features’ worth into one, who can even discover? Things start off in a Hitchcockian key, with Allison Williams serving loopy-white-woman eyes as a semi-retired live performance cellist trying to finish her hiatus by eradicating her youthful rival (Logan Browning). That they hook up received’t shock anyone who’s seen a De Palma movie before, however the second act’s hurtle into Grand Guignol grotesquerie isn’t really easy to see coming.

Filmmaker Robin Aubert has acknowledged that he conceived their conduct and spread as an allegory for the stormy political climate of rural French-Canada, defined by cultural vacuity and separatist dissent. As a Canadian New Wave gains momentum, Aubert does proper by his countrymen with an auto-critical polemic that succeeds on the phrases of its sensationalist style as well. On the grand spectrum of films about children falling in … Read More