The Economic History Of The International Film Industry

The great strength of the Italian business was historic epics, with giant casts and massive scenery. As early as 1911, Giovanni Pastrone’s two-reel La Caduta di Troia (The Fall of Troy) made a giant impression worldwide, and it was followed by even bigger glasses like Quo Vadis? , which ran for 90 minutes, and Pastrone’s Cabiria of 1914, which ran for 2 and a half hours. The first successful permanent theatre displaying solely movies was “The Nickelodeon”, which was opened in Pittsburgh in 1905.

With the worldwide film increase, but extra international locations now joined Britain, France, Germany and the United States in serious film manufacturing. In Italy, manufacturing was spread over several centres, with Turin being the primary and largest.

The studios’ environment friendly, top-down management over all phases of their product enabled a brand new and ever-rising level of lavish production and technical sophistication. The most necessary of … Read More