An Actor’s Guide To Tears And Crying On Cue

Then it goes on calculating the target pose bearing in mind obstacles and ensuring we have a smooth motion. The following steps are the most important, because they contain actor-particular API. Ok, so the actor was each moving back and forth on the planet, and shifting his legs. By this point, you already know everything about creating trajectories and loading static animations. Draws a rectange for the bounds of this actor if getDebug() is true.

Returns true if this actor is a listener actor for contact focus. Returns true if this actor is a goal actor for touch focus.

Converts coordinates for this actor to these of an ascendant. The ascendant isn’t required to be the instant parent. Clips the desired display screen aligned rectangle, specified relative to the rework matrix of the stage’s Batch.

The transform matrix and the stage’s digicam should not have rotational components. Calling this methodology … Read More