Best Animated Animal Movies

Although the film has been mired in controversy since launch, The Illusionist nonetheless stands on its own for its undeniably stunning animation and a mature story that strikes a chord with adult audiences. The Illusionist is the second movie from Sylvain Chomet on this list, and it’s also his best. If you’re bored with watching the “same old factor,” stray off the overwhelmed path, settle in and enjoy the nice animated film Ernest and Celestine.

Yellow Submarine is one of the best of The Beatles’ films and an progressive experiment in animation. Disney’s Aladdin is one other animated traditional that was impressed by a way more grotesque fable. In the original fable, taken from the Arabian folktale compilation One Thousand and One Nights, Aladdin is much more violent and the stakes of the story are much more complex. Disney, which produced The Lion King , thought of the movie to … Read More