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is an artist-led enquiry into how the conditions of the digital are concurrently formed by us and also form us. I will lead the project in partnership with curator Fiona MacDonald and in collaboration with Dr Henrietta Bowden-Jones, Vanessa Bartlett and Dr Mark Wright. Price taught himself the basics of evolutionary genetics and formulated an equation widely acknowledged because the mathematical explanation for the evolution of altruism – one thing science had been attempting to do since Darwin. The Price Equation was so extraordinary that University College London gave Price an honorary position within ninety minutes of him walking in off the road.

It might be made in such a means that it could possibly continue to be carried out after its central topic is not capable of be present. Searching for the source of the Amazon, McIntyre made first contact with the distant Mayoruna folks and experienced a phenomenon he described as beaming – a type of mind-to-mind communication with the tribe. Following the British Film Institute’s (BFI) main retrospective of science fiction movie, We Cannot Unsee asks whether or not science fiction can get nearer to the lived, subjective experience of psychological issues than written, codified scientific definitions. Afterlife is a up to date meditation on dying, which employs the use of ‘decomposition narratives’ – text and sound-primarily based descriptions of the body decomposing – to take the listener on a journey past demise.

ELEGY imagines a growth in neuroscience that can remove degenerative circumstances such as Alzheimer’s from folks but with controversial consequences. The project will develop in collaboration with Michael Heinrich, Professor of Pharmacognosy at University College London, Ben-Erik van Wyk, Professor of Taxonomy and Ethnobotany at the University of Johannesburg, and Dr Karen Flint, Associate Professor of History at UNC Charlotte.

This challenges the norm of breast reconstruction and the perceived notions of womanhood. Working with Professor Hilary Marland from Warwick University and psychiatrist Dr Rory Conn, Electric Dreams will explore the historical past and context surrounding Dr Cameron’s experiments.

The installation connects up to date practices of medicinal plant use in South Africa alongside a restaging of a 1940 trial in opposition to a traditional herbalist accused by the local white medical institution of untraditional behaviour. It will result in a multicultural medicinal plant garden at an inside-metropolis care residence in London, a publication and a public occasions programme. Theatrum Botanicum is a brand new multiscreen moving-picture set up and collaborative community project that considers medicinal crops as dynamic agents linking nature and people, rural and cosmopolitan medication, and custom and modernity. The project explores points around the medical makes use of of vegetation in submit-colonial, migratory and concrete contexts in South Africa and the UK.

The film’s push and pull between these two ways of trying will end in new understandings of anorexia nervosa, in addition to new experiences that problem anorexia. General audiences shall be prompted to feel and assume by way of the query of how the media alters a bodily sense of self, for worse and for higher. SBM is a dynamic multidisciplinary theatre piece that charts the journey of Al, who has made an epic graphic novel to clarify to his friends and family that he can fly. This grant will fund R&D into SBM, with Dr Stephani Hatch, Dr Denese Shervington, Dr Mark Ashworth and the Health Inequalities Research Network (HERON), to explore the over-illustration of ethnic minorities in mental well being services.

Scientists on the University of Liverpool and the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine are researching the clinical representation of the itch as an irrational perception, tactile hallucinations or feedback loops. In contrast, folks with Morgellons, the bulk ladies, convene on-line in a protected house to ‘prove’ and analyse this condition as a shared, physical reality. The Peckham Pioneer Centre and its conversion into a gated neighborhood has been chosen for its significance, in parallel with the know-how now applied to a deepening focus on ‘self’. This moving image set up will look at medical, social and inventive follow with a public exhibition and event sequence at the South London Gallery. I will connect the historic context with research in cognitive technology, to explore and reflect changing perceptions and the technologically-driven sense of private well-being and public well being.

Seven folks attended his funeral – five homeless men and two of our biggest evolutionary biologists. Marked might be an experimental film that options the non-public narratives of girls who have had breast most cancers and declined breast reconstruction after a mastectomy.

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Developed in collaboration with acclaimed anthropologist and forensic scientist Professor Caroline Wilkinson, and overseen by curatorial/commissioning agency Film and Video Umbrella, the project will embrace a dialogue with surgeon Professor Iain Hutchinson. Sleepless is a theatre manufacturing inspired by the story of a family affected by a uncommon genetic neurodegenerative disease – deadly familial insomnia – which leaves generations of relations fatally losing the flexibility to sleep. This 12-month R&D project will end in Young Poet Laureate for London, Selina Nwulu, making a proposal for an interactive poetry project to be toured nationally and internationally. Informing its creation shall be biomedical scientists Professor Montgomery and Professor Kessel, social scientist Professor Millstone and economist Kate Raworth.

It will look at the ethical questions that underpinned his work and apply that considering to the body politic. Curing Perfect is a chunk of art that can interact audiences on this question as it attracts them into a web-based graphic novel and a world where folks have been made ‘good’ by science. It will problem them to consider what a world of perfection would be like, the sacrifices that might be made in striving for such a world and the function gene and stem cell remedy would have in reaching this. will be a Quarantine theatre efficiency made in collaboration with somebody who knows they are dying. It explores the presence of death in a physique and in society and the way we reply to time after we are conscious of its restrict, and the marks that we leave behind after we’re gone.