Kind of Movie

Many people make watching movies as entertainment. In general, for entertainment, films are used as an intermediary to relieve stress and depression and release the fatigue after a day of activities. Even some other people don’t just make watching movies as entertainment but as a hobby.
Thus there are many types of films. The film genre is a term for types of films. A film genre is a particular form, category, or classification of several films that have the same form, setting, theme, atmosphere, and others. Everyone usually has a favorite genre according to their respective tastes. Following this, there are several types of film genres.

  1. Action (Action)
    Action films are also known as action films. The main characteristic of the film genre is that one or more characters are involved in challenges that require physical strength or special abilities. It can be in the form of hitting each other, performing certain moves, and in essence, there is physical contact. In addition, in general, action films have specific missions that require rescue and fights. Often what happens is the player is a hero against bad people.
  2. Adventure (Adventure)
    This film genre features an exciting adventure story with an attractive visual appearance and good presentation. The theme of the story revolves around the search for something like the search for treasure in forests or deserts. For those who have a hobby of adventure, of course, they are interested in this genre film.
    3.Science Fiction
    Broadly speaking, science fiction films combine imagination and the bases of science knowledge. The characteristics of this film genre are visionary and futuristic. Science fiction films talk a lot about the future and another world complete with technological sophistication, predictions of doomsday, aliens, monsters, other planets, and so on.
  3. Drama
    This film genre will stir up emotional feelings for fans of this drama film. When watching, as if they are part of the film. The themes raised from this film genre also vary. Some are about teenage romance, infidelity, moral dilemmas, sexuality, and so on.
  4. Comedy
    This one genre film is no stranger to the word laugh, of course, those who watch this film will be carried away as much as possible making the audience laugh out loud when watching comedy genre films. Not only for entertainment, comedy films often contain political or social commentary with jokes. Viewers who are upset or viewers facing daily problems can watch this genre film to be entertained.
  5. Horror
    Scary, fear, screams, sadness and mixed emotions are some of the words associated with horror films. This film genre emphasizes the emotions of the audience, namely as much as possible to provoke emotions in the form of fear and horror from the audience. Horror film story themes also vary. Some involve themes of death, the supernatural, or mental illness. If you are afraid of things that will surprise you, horror movies are not recommended to watch.