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Handing Brody a lifejacket, Quint asks Hooper in regards to the shark cage and different equipment he has introduced on board. When Hooper reveals that he has a big syringe full of strychnine nitrate, Quint declares the syringe will never penetrate the shark’s tough skin. Hooper however volunteers to go underwater in the cage and try and shoot the syringe into the shark’s mouth with the harpoon gun. Despite Brody’s protests, Hooper dons scuba gear and oxygen, and is lowered within the cage into the water.

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Meanwhile the shark, momentarily trapped between the cage and the side of the Orca, thrashes violently as Quint struggles to crank the winch. The bent ginpole gives means as the shark extricates itself and Quint and Brody are horrified when the battered, empty cage surfaces. The shark reappears on the stern and once more lunges on the Orca’s deck, tilting the boat sharply, causing Quint and Brody to tumble and slide toward the maddened creature.

The men snicker weakly in aid and, after Hooper learns of Quint’s demise, the lads use the remaining floatation barrels as help and paddle their way toward land. Blanche DuBois arrives in New Orleans by train, and follows a sailor’s instructions to take a streetcar named “Desire” to her sister Stella Kowalski’s condo at Elysian Fields in the French Quarter. Blanche, an growing older Southern belle, is horrified by the dilapidated building during which her sister lives along with her husband Stanley, however is delighted to reunite with Stella, whom she feels abandoned her after their father’s death. Blanche explains that she was given a depart of absence from her educating job as a result of she had turn into somewhat “lunatic,” and now makes herself at residence in the cramped house, which affords little privateness. Blanche is instantly offended by Stanley’s coarse manners, and he’s infuriated when he learns that Blanche has misplaced the household residence at Belle Reve.

  • Obviously, the movie itself is doing one thing much more advanced, but it’s not crammed with a bunch of shut-ups of a hand touching an arm and stuff like that.
  • The film is punctuated by these black blocks that mark each section, and that felt very revealing of the tools of filmmaking.
  • It also made me think about what it means to be sensual and what it means for a woman to view our bodies.

Within moments the shark seems and rams the cage from behind Hooper, then grabs the bars and shakes the cage, inflicting the terrified Hooper to drop the harpoon gun, unfired. Fleeing the shark’s crazed assault via the mangled cage bars, Hooper swims to the ocean bottom.

Brody hangs on to the cabin doorframe, however Quint, unable to keep up his grip on Brody’s legs, slides instantly into the shark’s jaws. When the shark submerges with Quint’s bloodied corpse, Brody casts about for a weapon and spots Hooper’s remaining oxygen tank.

When the shark assaults again, Brody manages to wedge the tank into its mouth. Taking Quint’s rifle, Brody climbs out onto the bridge mast, which is now almost parallel with the water, and because the shark comes at him, fires repeatedly till a bullet strikes the oxygen tank, inflicting it to explode and blow off the creature’s head. As blood and flesh rain down on Brody and the nearly submerged Orca, the shark’s different half falls slowly by way of the water.