Film Director Oliver Stone’s Memoir Reveals Movie Flop That Drove Him To Cocaine

Is there a more iconic movie about destitution than Midnight Cowboy? John Schlesinger’s two-hour bummer of a movie follows the unlikely friendship between greasy con artist Ratso Rizzo (Dustin Hoffman) and male prostitute Joe Buck (Jon Voight). Every scene is drenched with cold sweats, and the death of the Swinging Sixties hangs like a darkish cloud over the whole manufacturing. Midnight Cowboyshone a highlight on the darkish underbelly of America that audiences seldom noticed in 1969. ” asks Sgt. Barnes (Tom Berenger) to a room full of young, pot-smoking troopers, the scars on his face more evident than ever earlier than.

There’s nothing mistaken with giving Best Picture to crowd-pleasers like The King’s Speech—it just so occurs that Academy voters had a minimum of 5 other higher crowd-pleasers to choose from. Kevin Costner was on high of the world when he directed, produced and starred in Dances with Wolves, which tells the story of a Union military lieutenant who befriends Sioux Indians on the frontier. While credited with revitalizing the then-tired Western genre and boasting stellar performances from Mary McDonnell and Graham Greene, it’s yet another case of a merely good movie beating out an all-time basic for the coveted Best Picture. Big on spectacle however missing any kind of emotional depth or complexity, Braveheart was Mel Gibson’s directorial “I even have arrived” moment. His tackle legendary warrior William Wallace, who led the wars of Scottish independence in opposition to the British, played an enormous role in bringing Wallace’s legend to the mainstream.

As Miss Kubelik, a sweet however impressionable elevator operator, Shirley MacLaine plays the perfect foil to Lemmon’s excessive-wire act of a efficiency. It’s impossible to not root for The Apartment’s two damaged heroes, even as they make one morally questionable decision after one other. The Bridge on the River Kwai is the first David Lean movie to make our countdown, however it won’t be the final.

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Exploring themes of honour, class and race, The Bridge on the River Kwai is one of the most thrilling epics to ever come out of Hollywood. Featuring Natalie Wood’s most memorable performance and a number of the most creative choreography ever captured on celluloid, Jerome Robbins and Robert Wise’sWest Side Storyis a great film on its music and dance numbers alone. But by transporting Romeo and Julietto New York City’s Lincoln Square neighbourhood, it turns into an all-time classic. Incorporating issues like race, crime and social class,West Side Storyraised the bar for musicals and Shakespeare adaptations for many years to come.

Using the unique text, Laurence Olivier’s adaptation of William Shakespeare’sHamlet is essentially a filmed play. Olivier, nonetheless, would make up for his lack of visible inventiveness with a performance that stands as one of the most iconic in film history. Ah, another Weinstein Company image… Are you noticing a sample? Held collectively by memorable performances and exquisite consideration to interval element, this retelling of the relationship between the stammering King George VI and his speech therapist is a great ode to the pleasures of excellent old-fashioned storytelling.

Oliver Stone’s Platoon is actually in regards to the lack of innocence—of both its protagonist, Chris Taylor (Charlie Sheen) and a whole era of youngsters. And like most Vietnam War movies,Platoonrefuses to give straightforward answers, selecting as an alternative to look again on American involvement in Vietnam with confusion and regret.

Pay homage to the Big Apple’s quintessential movie moments with these should-see New York filming locations. With The Apartment, director Billy Wilder hits the sweet spot between tragedy and comedy. Baxter, a lonely workplace drone who loans his apartment out to his company’s philandering executives.

While a formidable technical effort, Braveheart is a wildly uneven movie. Four musicals received Best Picture through the Nineteen Sixties, and George Cukor’sMy Fair Lady is the second-worst of the bunch. It’s worth expecting the always-lovely Audrey Hepburn and the lavish costumes, however song-and-dance shouldn’t have trumped the greatest satirical film of the decade—and possibly of all time.