It will educate and encourage the audience to assume differently about a person with chronic pain and raise the profile of neuroscience and pain analysis. The present is predicated upon private experience of a extreme pain situation and invitations the viewers to inhabit this world for a brief time. It is created in collaboration with Dr Helen Cohen, Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital, Professor Candy McCabe, University of the West of England and Dr Giandomenico Iannetti, University College London, all at present concerned in cutting edge research into pain.

The Centre for Blast Injury Studies (CBIS), Imperial College London, research the results of explosions on human bodies. I will staff up with Professor Anthony Bull and his department to create a series of videos that discover the cultural results of these excessive circumstances. Eidolon will discover the emotive and psychological potential of SCSCHF’s mid and high fidelity manikins, embodied with physical responses.

The performance will explore the ways in which our brains are – and are not – like computer systems, with particular reference to ongoing analysis into spatial navigation. We’ll be inspired by cybernetic analysis, imagining extraordinary possibilities such as humanoid, neurally-controlled robots. The project is conceived as a 20-minute film installation to be exhibited at Whitstable Biennale in 2016, a public panel discussion and presentation of labor in progress, and a self-published guide. Uncommon Sense is a visual art project which draws on latest theoretical developments in neuroscience and autistic subjectivity to think about new notions of embodiment that come up in a more inclusive and extra technologised world. This project will engage with the broad public interest in medical images as cultural documents that penetrate deep beneath the pores and skin to disclose what is inside.

Eidolon will be an intimate, context particular, reside art project, developed via collaboration between interdisciplinary partners using the simulation areas of the SCSCHF. A collective of artist filmmakers and science researchers will discover their widespread ground and differing approaches, and create seven items of transferring image work. Meet George is a new manufacturing by Undercurrent based mostly on the life of George Price ( ). Presented in co-manufacturing with Camden People’s Theatre in Autumn 2015, staged inside yards of where Price lived, worked and died.

Marked will current individual responses to cancer, trauma, treatment, surgery and survival of breast most cancers within the type of an experimental movie. Ironman is a new piece of theatre concerning the physiology of endurance sport and the psychology of carrying on. It’s about the human stories behind great feats of endurance and about how our bodies work after we complete them. I will work with three biomedical researchers at Northumbria University to investigate the psychology of endurance sport, together with circulate and central efficiency modifiers, and the biomechanics of how our bodies work after we practice and compete.

For 10 years, Mexican artist, musician, illustrator and inventor Ariel Guzik has looked for a approach to communicate with cetaceans. Guzik’s project has encompassed the creation of underwater resonance instruments, expeditions to speak with gray whales and bottlenose dolphins off the coasts of Baja California, Scotland and Costa Rica, and many fantastical drawings of the cetacean world with underwater ships and gardens. The development process will promote collaboration between medical professionals, scientific scientists and artists stimulating interest and debate.

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The project explores the chances of latest psychological analysis which exhibits that autobiographical memory is an actively edited course of that the individual adapts to their very own needs. We might be investigating the way to use the instruments of playwriting and psychology to develop options to social issues. This project will introduce readers to key ideas within the science of sleep, through the commission of ten short stories by authors working in a single-to-one collaborations with sleep researchers. The tales (accompanied by afterwords written by each consulting researcher) shall be printed, first, in an anthology after which fed via right into a specifically developed smartphone app that will enable customers to discover a 3-D mannequin of the mind while listening to the tales and afterwords. This app will also characteristic short animations of various sleeping-mind activities, embedded into the 3-D mannequin, as well as glossaries and other anatomical info.

The Temptation of St. Anthony is a theatre efficiency created by The Mechanical Animal Corporation and offered at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2015. It aims to have interaction public audiences in points surrounding the significance of non secular expertise upon biomedical apply. Artist Adam Chodzko will create an intriguing and challenging experimental movie Deep Above to explore behavioural psychology and climate change. In this occasion, the animation artists will undertake their own journey of understanding about the respective organ by way of investigation and consultations with organ specialists in science and drugs. Drawing on the ‘story of the music’ as conveyed by the musician, they will harness the non-literal potential of animation to create a parallel, complementary visible response to impress and stimulate the audience’s imagination and understanding.