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This piece – set in a care house lounge – is carried out by Inspector Sands theatre company by actors of their late 30s who try and envisage their own physical and emotional futures. We invite audiences to interact with their own relationship to ageing and time, difficult the notion of ageing as a divisive drive and as a substitute exploring the way we cope – or fail to manage – with the ageing process we are all engaged in.

The work will be performed alongside a cellular sound set up housed in a redesigned ice cream van. Whilst at the same time, dropping concentrate on the symbolism of the Poppy as a reminder of the physical lack of human life, body, tissue, memory. These Time-based ‘Poppy’ sculptures and companion time lapse video artworks will be produced to coincide with the first yr of the centenary commemorations of World War 1, and draw focus upon medical advances both historic and contemporary as a result of battle to the current day.

‘The Session’ is a brief animated movie inspecting communication between a schizophrenic patient, family members and professionals (the household remedy group). The movie attracts on material from a family remedy session to illuminate communication within a family unit in the context of schizophrenia – when the affected person’s actuality is in a different dimension to the family’s actuality. The movie will be made in consultation with marketing consultant psychiatrist Dr Tom Stevens and will be a mixture of stylised reside motion, cease body and hand-drawn animation.

Three completely different directors of animation will highlight the three completely different perspectives and conflicting ‘truths’ of these current in the therapy session. This proposal is for the creation of a spoken and sung performance exploring challenges in modern dairy apply, the genetics of milk manufacturing and the continued story of the relationship between cows and people.

Spruce made a key contribution in cultivating quinine, the first antidote within the prevention and remedy of malaria. Found in the Amazon this botanically advanced plant was of high worth through the mid-nineteenth Century as malaria was hampering desperate makes an attempt to conquer central Africa. In 1849 Spruce was commissioned by the Indian office to gather 100,000 seeds and 600 cinchona crops and send them around the colonies.

In its centre might be a machine that produces atmospheric circumstances to construct a pre-storm surroundings in a closed area, developed with researchers in meteorology and pain research. The work seeks to explore the connection between the atmosphere and the body, the complicated ways the surroundings impacts our biology and the aesthetic poetics of the invisible. The work will result in a full scale electronic / mechanical machine, photographic and video documentation, a research weblog and a commissioned contextual essay. Audiences will discover this extraordinary piece of medical historical past via Spruce’s eyes in a highly visual and experiential journey of this determined character whose obsessional eye for element, ardour for botany made him one of the largest contributors towards 19th Century Pharmacy. The Adventures of Richard Spruce shall be an electronic graphic novel which leads audiences on a visual, experiential journey of the remarkable story of slightly known botanical explorer.

‘Transports’ is a sequence of three immersive audio experiences inside custom-made aluminium cases which tour as an interactive DIY audio set up. Each case incorporates the outstanding story of an artist whose specific neurological condition has brought them into contact with science and profoundly altered their perception of the world and their relationship with their art and creativity. ‘Transports’ permits its audience to see the world through the distinctive lens of the topic’s condition, telling us about the way these totally different brains construct their distinctive expertise of the world.

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In 2012 Dr Bart Hoogenboom on the London Centre for Nanotechnology created the primary ‘actual’ visualisation of the DNA double helix in its pure aqueous environment. A Journey Round My Skull is a one girl theatre present that takes its name and inspiration from the extraordinary and perversely humorous memoir written by Hungarian satirist Frigyes Karinthy. The e-book paperwork the symptoms and supreme elimination of the benign brain tumour that he suffered in the course of the Nineteen Thirties.

These are supposed to be a extremely emotive and provocative artworks, intended to stimulate debate concerning the provocative notion of ‘helpful penalties’ of struggle, remembrance, and the passing of and typically wilful expungement of memory. ADDICT – The Storm That Strands Us, by Melanie Manchot, is an progressive video-work offering authentic perception into the complexity of habit and recovery processes. Collaborating with psychotherapist Tim Leighton and twelve named members at different phases of restoration, the artist is creating a brand new co-authored polyphonic installation that may form the premise of a nationwide touring exhibition to no less than three venues. Addressing core problems with recovery such as narrative constructions of identity, collective processes and the social self, the work will offer audiences a robust display of participants’ voices, presented via their stories in addition to through portraits and performative gestures. The Quiet shall be an immersive installation that makes an attempt to recreate the Calm Before a Storm.