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These debates will place health and hygiene in their cultural context and initiate debate locally at massive. These conversations will act as source material to tell a creative process involving an expert playwright and composer to create a narrative construction, characters and initial scenes for EPIDEMIC.

This grant will fund a period of research and growth with scientific advisors Dr Ffytche and Professor Rogers and patients. Artist Amy Shelton will collaborate with scientists, artists, poets, beekeepers, musicians, shamanic practitioners and children to analyze the connection between the honeybee and human health.

The public is invited to visit and enjoy the 17 acres of superbly landscaped public property (in addition to the long-lasting Yoda fountain) at the Letterman Digital Arts Center within the Presidio of San Francisco, CA. Our main lobby is open to the public during business hours Monday-Friday. Gary is among the main documentary producers in Asia and is the first ever Korean documentary producer nominated for an Oscar for his latest filmIn the Absence. It also won the Grand Jury Prize at DOC NYC 2018 & AFI Docs 2019 and was officially selected for IDFA 2018. Gary producedPlanet of Snailwhich was the first Asian documentary that received Best Feature-Length Documentary at IDFA 2011.

His current filmography includesBreathing Underwater(2016, Special Jury Award, CGV Arthouse Award / the Jeonju Int’l Film Festival, Korea), andCrossing Beyond, the official Olympic movie for the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics. passionate advocate of public service broadcasting with its remit to support unbiased, diverse and creatively authored storytelling for audiences and to nurture new expertise in a tradition dominated by commercial imperatives.

Margolles’ work will explore various responses to the usage of human stays and medical waste as a metaphor for social and political situations. She will explore ideas around the public perception of the display and use of human stays.

Applicants should either have their own limited manufacturing firm – or an executive producer with a registered production firm willing to create a separate account for project funds. This is to safeguard the award-winners and The Whickers, ensuring that the project could be properly audited so there is by no means any doubt that the funding has been spent as supposed. Artist Teresa Margolles practices forensic medication in Mexico’s public morgues, she has a dual occupation as a scientist and an artist. Glasgow Sculpture Studios have invited her to create a brand new physique of sculpture leading to an exhibition in Glasgow and an extensive events programme.

Community participants, scientific experts and professional consultants will then work up this into an preliminary sharing of the work. Henry Molaison (H.M.) underwent experimental mind surgical procedure in 1953, leaving him with extreme lengthy-time period reminiscence loss and the lack to form new recollections. In 2009 his mind underwent a histology study within the USA, to try to acquire further understanding into long-term reminiscence. This grant will fund the research and development section of this project with neuroscientists. The Immortal is an experimental project exploring definitions of life, mechanics and artificiality.

The process shall be documented and expanded on by consultants from the fields of biomedical ethics, philosophy, biomedical science and aesthetics in an accompanying publication. Going Dark is a brand new immersive efficiency created by Sound&Fury a couple of man losing his sight as a result of macular degeneration. Using the company’s revolutionary theatre work in encompass sound and design, Going Dark will discover notion and imaginative and prescient via the story of a man dealing with the consequences of the onset of blindness.

By connecting a variety of life support machines together this new work, created by designer Revital Cohen, will try to mimic a full organic construction. Through the visibility of mechanical circuits,sheer scale and electrical exhaustion, the kinetic contraption will seek to reflect on the moral and philosophical questions surrounding life prolonging technologies. Cohen will work will work with experts from medical engineering and electronics to create the work.

The Old Vic New Voices community staff will develop a brand new multimedia musical ‘epidemic’. As part of this process, the Old Vic will work with specialists in infectious disease to run several debates involving the general public.

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