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The intersection between Professor Kneebone’s pioneering research into surgical simulation and the unnamed languages of surgical procedure and the artists’ pursuits in language, memory and de-territorialisation shall be explored. Through session with experts including scientists, medical doctors, athletes and theatre artists, I aim to uncover the inherent drama of elite athletics. New Families is the working title for a collaboration between Tamasha Theatre Company, the Centre for Family Research (CFR) at Cambridge University and youth theatre Generation Arts. It will look at the experiences of younger individuals born by assisted reproductive technologies (ARTs) and use the findings to provide a forty-minute play for young people.

is intended as a provocation, seeking to initiate interdisciplinary conversations concerning the cultural and biomedical implications of our digital environments. During the R&D section, a series of workshops will collect artists, biomedical scientists, academics, know-how entrepreneurs and interested members of the public. These workshops will act as a testing site for the interrogation of the relationships people have with the digital environment and the cultural and biomedical implications. The workshops will provide a discursive context for the manufacturing of recent work, which might be exhibited at Standpoint in September-November 2017 and accompanied by a publication and symposium.

This is being implement by the introduction of a Production 2 and Promotion 2 measure. Thus, production firms can obtain additional funds to renew filming when this example is over, and to both re-release their films when the cinemas are reopened, or to advertise their films instantly on digital platforms. extra authorities funding to the Fund part of a€300m ($340m) coronavirus support scheme for the whole cultural sector announced by the Dutch minister of tradition Ingrid van Engelshoven. 2) Reimbursable advance of most 250.000 Euros for any manufacturing company whose enterprise has been affected by the fallout of Covid-19.

Acting as artist mediator, I will explore ways of creatively reinterpreting these ideas to enable kids and their families to interact with the world of the biomedical researcher. This project constitutes the research and production of an immersive video installation work entitled It is as if. The work will explore the shifting terrain of the language of surgical procedure through a dialogue between artists Vong Phaophanit, Claire Oboussier and surgeon/educator Professor Kneebone.

Eligible costs for this measure are employees and overhead costs, and the measure seeks to specifically alleviate money move issues at that stage. Applicants have to have received improvement or production support from the Film Fund no less than once since 2014 and need to show that the pandemic has affected operations. This support must be paid again by the beneficiary starting a yr from the date it has been granted and in accordance with a customized reimbursement schedule.

In case of postponement or cancellation of the actions contracted with the general public sector (contracts do not exceed 50,000 euros), the professionals of the creative sector will be able to obtain advances and compensation. allocate NOK 85 million from the Film Fund to assist produce and promote the movies which were immediately affected by the corona outbreak. These funds will make it attainable to complete productions that has been halted and also to launch movies that have had their releases postponed theatrically or on digital platforms.

By the end of the method, the team may have shaped a chunk of well-liked docudrama drawing on a range of art types to explore the response of trauma surgeons to the challenges arising from developments in gun expertise. I am artist in residence at Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) Biomedical Research Centre, mentored by Professor Goldblatt studying in regards to the work of uncommon illness specialists together with these involved in genome science, regenerative drugs, gene remedy and innovative surgical strategies.

The Roundhouse will work in collaboration with Glas(s) Performance and Dr Robb Rutledge to provide the Happiness Project. A firm of 12 young artists and six scientists will create and carry out a piece of contemporary theatre exploring our understanding of happiness and wellbeing to be directed by Emma Higham and Tashi Gore from Glas(s) Performance and to be shown at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and the Roundhouse. The co-applicant is Dr Matthew Grubb, Wellcome Trust analysis career growth fellow at the MRC Centre for Developmental Neurobiology, Kings College London. He will work in partnership with Dr Laura Andreae, his colleague on the MRC Centre, to support the R&D project. With input from medical consultants Dr Dan Judkins and Laura Newman, a core artistic staff of actors, puppeteers, and musicians will delve into the world of medicine and surgery in 1880s America and examine ways of dramatising the work of Dr George Goodfellow, surgeon to the gunslingers.

Lucida is an immersive shifting image installation, a touring exhibition and an artist’s publication that each one discover the human eye, imaginative and prescient and the brain. The project brings collectively the varied, subjective perspectives of scientists, psychologists and ordinary people who each have their own compelling story about imaginative and prescient. Skyping the grandchildren, utilizing social media or taking part in greater than six hours of video games a day – when does our relationship with screens and the web tip over into pathology? DOT will be a brand new play by award-profitable playwright Clare Bayley written in collaboration with Experimental Psychologist Dr Andrew Przybylski from the Oxford University Internet Institute and Pete Etchells, Senior Lecturer in Biological Psychology at the Bath Spa University.

As Metta Theatre Artistic Director, I will direct the play utilizing in depth video design by William Reynolds to create a visually stunning, form-breaking new work. ​When the cultural projects or activities haven’t been able to be carried out, completely or partially, because of the COVID-19, the fee of the eligible expenses carried out is possible.

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