‘Best Picture’ Oscar Winners List Of All Time

Remember the collective delusion that overcame the movie business and critical group in 2009 and 2010, when folks insisted that James Cameron’s sci-fi epic Avatar was going to chance cinema forever? It didn’t, and those endlessly-promised sequels are nonetheless nowhere to be seen.

The Marvin Hamlisch rating (adapting Scott Joplin tunes) is still great, though. No one will ever confuse this with Frank Capra’s best film — or possibly even certainly one of his ten finest? This is still type of baseline Capra, with Jimmy Stewart in a role he’d be higher at in later Capra movies — nevertheless it’s nonetheless, you know, Jimmy Stewart.

But the movie did get a huge number of Oscar nominations, regardless of garnering solely technical wins. Every year on the Oscars, there are nominees that are totally predictable—motion pictures whose inclusion in the race feels so inevitable from day one, it is exhausting to muster much excitement after they actually get a nod, irrespective of how deserving.

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The movie is perfectly nice and charming without being transcendently so, and watching it, you’ll wish to go watch another, higher Capra film. But even lesser Capra from this era is better than just about anything else you may be watching. Based on the lifetime of John Nash, a genius mathematician overcome by paranoid schizophrenia, Ron Howard’s movie is treasured to a fault, regardless of Russell Crowe’s makes an attempt to bring grit and authenticity to the function. A Beautiful Mind tries its greatest to dramatize Nash’s psychological deterioration, which allows Howard to interact in some paranoid-thriller filmmaking, however the sogginess of the inspirational storytelling makes this the epitome of the status-image, awards-bait drama. French filmmaker Michel Hazanavicius had collaborated with actor Jean Dujardin on a pair of goofy, slight James Bond spoofs before they teamed up for this way more formidable and romantic salute to the silent era.

The ending is still gorgeous, practically forty years later; it is a movie of uncooked emotions, from begin to finish. Hollywood has typically mythologized its personal previous, and that’s especially true of this very entertaining and completely paper-skinny heist movie. The Sting is fun but additionally “fun,” continuously hoping you appreciate its myriad homages to yesteryear.

No, you don’t, as a result of literally no person does, but Click has the dubious honor of being the one Adam Sandler movie ever nominated for an Oscar. It’s a sci-fi comedy drama during which Sandler performs an overworked dad who neglects his household, and does so even more once he obtains a remote that lets him fast-forward through life as he chooses.

A creamy confection and little extra, The Artist reaffirmed the power of movies, the resilience of love, and plenty of other musty clichés, all of which were shot in yummy black-and-white and delivered with Dujardin’s coy, self-mocking allure. Due to Academy rules at the time for international-language films (since modified), Amarcord competed in each 1974 (one award from one nomination) and 1975 (no awards from two nominations). This quiet drama may have received Fonda her third Oscar if it hadn’t been released a year before Hollywood determined it was OK with Netflix originals. Her refined, intimate efficiency illuminates the story of a widow who reaches out to a neighbor when she realizes what she actually needs is someone to sleep with her.

Morricone acquired his first Oscar nomination for authentic rating with “Days Of Heaven,” a 1978 movie by U.S. director Terence Malick. Beside “The Hateful Eight,” the others had been for “The Mission” , “The Untouchables” , “Bugsy” and “Malena” . It was a night to recollect for Morricone, who had been nominated for Oscars five times (“The Hateful Eight” was his sixth) but until then had never gained.

His iconic so-known as Spaghetti Western films noticed him work carefully with the late Italian movie director Sergio Leone, a former classmate. This is way from the one Michael Bay movie to be Oscar-nominated, but it is the most egregious one. There are technical things to admire about Bay’s jingoistic nightmare of a wartime romance, however you’d be forgiven for attempting to neglect that this movie exists in any respect, by no means mind that it was nominated for 4 Oscars. On paper, Baz Luhrmann’s adaptation of this American literary classic looks as if a no brainer for awards success, however the movie ended up feeling like a fairly hollow spectacle, lacking the vibrancy and soul of its source material. And though the movie was largely ignored by the Academy, it nonetheless pulled off these two wins for its admittedly lovely costumes and wealthy production design.