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What went incorrect with the burglar alarm? It wasn’t the alarm and known as the police mister Jernigan here to take a position vehicles came and went. the mailman got here by We may have a watcher on any House in any Street.

Son, This is the second time in two days that you’ve got called the police. It’s a really critical matter when a person calls the police.

I noticed Birdwell yesterday and I noticed a burglar at present. I talked to Johnny final night cuz that was kidnapped on Monday morning. Alex apologize to the chief and go up to your room. ہاں یہاں سے Shut up, I love you prank the cops twice. He goes on your permanent record for the rest of your life.

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I think it is somebody on our Street somebody we aren’t monitoring. This is a really safe and secure neighborhood. We have great police as you be taught yesterday.

چیز فائیو You are just in contact with mister Ruiz wait wait no. یس باقی Cool. Sure, Where’s Burglary There isn’t any burglar just a kid home sick from college making false alarms.

I’ll return in and cope with her get the chip. سلام كمان মা মা আজকে ہر شہر Fourth House moved into the alley.

Don’t get sensible with me, Alex sick or not. You have brought on lots of bother at present. Dad and I actually have to replace a door at the Stephens. Do you suppose we’re happy about that? I noticed what Ladies and gentlemen, we have got to seek out that ship.

If you name for assist it will not come dad missed his airplane was late for a meeting together with his boss. You should fork over a lot wanted family money to the Stephens into an evil act engineering so they can have their doorways repaired and even worse the world laughs Alex you stained family name.

Versus Stephens I conform to the following stop is the alcohol. What kind of a burglar goes right into a House and does not take something do what I assume I suppose I’m on the lookout for some particular you’re looking in everybody’s House as a result of they do not know who has it. I actually have it the toy automobile videotaping me. اوئے یار The vehicles outside I obtained the woman in the House. ملتان What occurred there is a lady in the House.