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It is an epic project about the human life cycle and our relationship with time and change. Being made in four separate components between 2014 and 2016, every is a stand-alone piece of work with distinct qualities which can in the end be performed collectively as a big-scale, lengthy-duration occasion to type a complex tableau of life passing and rising. It’s a rich meditation on life and dying, dwelling and dying; an exploration of hope and its inexorable relationship with the inevitable.

Drawing on concepts corresponding to cognitive dissonance, terror administration principle and battle or flight, the efficiency contains a punchbag puppet suffering an existential crisis, embarking on an odyssey by way of the doors of the human thoughts. This collaborative work will be a poetic exploration of unnamed, chimerical and remembered landscapes each surgical and imaginary. A maze-like sculptural set up will lead the customer through the 250m2 exhibition area to a video triptych that encourages the viewer to reimagine the terrain of surgery, their relationship to it and its ever evolving technologies. The central piece of the triptych shall be a movie of Professor Kneebone’s hands simulating, utilizing a mixture of memory and creativeness, a surgical procedure he has performed multiple times.

Revisiting Genesis is a brand new shifting-image work participating with dying, dying, palliative care and submit-demise digital legacies. The work will be distributed as a web series, in addition to public displays in galleries and museums. Cathedral is impressed by Raymond Carver’s short story of the identical name and sets out to create visceral and sensorial experience. The piece is a cocktail of fragmented storytelling, physical theatre and sound design that exposes the spectator to the subjectivity of memory and its function in the development of a fragile self.

He will draw on the scientific data and ongoing analysis of Dr Mark Booth of Durham University to tell the present’s material and structure. Demand for meals is outstripping our capability to provide it, leading to conflicts between wealthy and poor domestically and globally. Compared with other world industries, food uses more land and water, creates larger climate change, damages the environment more, employs more people and arguably kills extra by way of beneath- and over-consumption. Through a darkly compelling but riotously gratifying present we will explore the rise of the autopsy and its influence on the medical mannequin of the doctor-patient relationship, utilizing the case study of medical ‘monster’ Tarrare and his obsessive want to eat, and the doctor who treated him. It will concentrate on the horrific, life-changing accidents that had been a grisly hallmark of the war, and the lasting scars they left on troopers’ faces and psyches.

Using microscopic images of tears which reveal the varied range of imagery that is created once we cry from unhappiness, pain or pleasure, the dance created will construct a narrative to illustrate the various completely different elements of tears and will think about what affects tears to create these different pictures. I will work with writer Chris Thorpe to develop Where I go (once I cannot be where I am), a present which explores living with persistent ache and the way it impacts our senses. I will build a layered, sensory world, exploring how those in continual ache handle to survive a state that not only threatens to destroy features of self, however ironically also can convey pleasure within the unlikeliest of moments. The work appears at the parallels between intimacy and singularity of the physique and in style music as an expression of individuality, freedom and a political drive. Going Viral shall be a solo efficiency exploring the frontiers of the science of the epidemiology of infectious illnesses.

Working in partnership with Professor Sir John Holman from York University on the assorted protein structures which are the chemical make-up of tears, I will take a look at the differences between how tears function and how they are perceived, asking why we cry and what happens after we snicker till we cry. A new chorale composition by Leeds-primarily based composer Philip Herbert might be created particularly for the work with an unaccompanied vocal ensemble. I will create a brand new piece of latest dance which explores the biochemical make up of tears and the way their appearance and composition is affected by completely different emotional states.

This project will be the second instalment in an ongoing series of works that have been produced for the First World War centenary. Developed by way of collaboration with main sleep scientists and neuroscientists working on prion principle, Sleepless highlights somewhat known area of scientific research. An international co-production, the show might be accompanied by engagement occasions and on-line resources to offer audiences deeper access to the science behind the work. The efficiency will focus on comparative neuroscience and the way different organisms solve sensory issues widespread to both people and animals, and whether different nervous systems have comparable or novel solutions to the same issues.

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Through a shared inventive course of, I will collaborate with genomic scientists Dr Donagh Berry and Professor David MacHugh to plot a series of sculptures using the information held throughout the genetic signature of numerous Dovea Genetics’ pedigree bulls and their calves. In up to date society, genomics has given scientists the true capability to control nature sooner or later improvement of animal and plant species, due to an understanding of the complex patterns held throughout the construction of DNA.