2020 Oscars Winners

Boyd, as the soulless, amoral actor Frankie Fane, ditches his stripper girlfriend, played by Jill St. John, for Sommer, whom he later spurns. Oswalt put in an excellent word for Boyd, who played the antagonist to Charlton Heston’s Ben-Hur in the William Wyler movie.

Even with its deeply Christian underpinnings (it has been praised by a number of conservative critics, together with at The Federalist and The Tennessee Star), Harriet by no means pushes its themes down your throat. I ought to have liked Little Women; as it stands, I actually, really prefer it. Rather than explore that tension, although, Gerwig gives the movie an almost fantastical gloss. Still, there is much to like (Florence Pugh finally doing justice to Amy, for one), and the selection to mix the characters of Jo and Alcott together as a composite is especially impressed. But it brought collectively the fruitful collaboration between author Charlie Kaufman and director Michel Gondry to create a really unique movie.

The males received miked, and “The Oscar,” projected onto a large display screen in Olson’s living room, started to roll. “Ladies and gents, the star of ‘The Oscar,’ the great Stephen Boyd,” Nelson mentioned.

In truth, the massive prize was one of four wins on the evening, with Bong Joon-ho additionally selecting up the statuettes for greatest director, original screenplay and international film. Also in the mix is the comic book movie “Joker,” which leads in all categories with 11 nominations. Lead actor within the film, Joaquin Phoenix, is favored to win in the class of finest actor. Arguably the funniest film ever to win Best Picture, Annie Hall remains the archetypal Woody Allen movie. The comic-turned-auteur makes use of every trick in the e-book—timeline jumps, split screens, breaking the fourth wall, subtitles to convey inside ideas, animation—to depict the bumpy relationship between two idiosyncratic New Yorkers.

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“He will get a lifetime move for conspiring with Gore Vidal behind Heston’s again to make Ben-Hur’s backstory gay,” Oswalt said. The iconic story of a novice nun-turned nanny who cares for the eye starved children of Captain Von Trapp. Julie Andrews fashions them matching play garments out of curtains and wins the guts of the buttoned up Christopher Plummer. Based on the actual life story of the Von Trapp Family singers, the movie is ready against the gathering storm clouds WWII. From Wings to Green Book, here are the entire films that have won an Academy Award for Best Picture.

I wish there had been extra excitement about Harriet, a beautiful film by director Kasi Lemmons that never got the respect it deserved during its run in theaters. Cynthia Erivo is a star within the lead role as Harriet Tubman, with the script following her escape from slavery to her work as a gun-slinging abolitionist. While the film has been faulted by some critics as hagiography, it could be better read as a sort of slavery-era model of Joan of Arc, who in fact has been represented reverently on display for decades (Lemmons’ movie, nevertheless, is the first Harriet Tubman biopic).

Olson, too, is an Oscar nominee, for his adaptation of “A History of Violence,” a contender the same yr that “Brokeback Mountain” won. “As Harlan was fond of saying, when we had been writing collectively and arguing, ‘You are an Academy Award loser,’ ” he stated.

Who else but Allen and Diane Keaton could make a foolish scene about cooking lobsters really feel poignant, or a short moment on a park bench really feel like true love? Every romantic comedy made since 1977 owes a debt to Annie Hall. The war movie is among the hottest of movie genres, and understandably so. But what occurs when the heroes of the battlefield, the air and the sea return home only to really feel as if they’ve outlived their usefulness? William Wyler’sThe Best Years of Our Livespicks up where World War II left off, and tells the powerful story of three veterans who return to their hometowns and uncover that civilian life will never be the identical once more.