10 Popular Young Indonesian Actors in 2017

2017 seems to be the year young Indonesian actors show their existence in the entertainment world. Not only with handsome faces, but they show their talents through a series of films or soap operas that they play.
With their abilities, these actors have succeeded in attracting their fans, especially teenagers who are always loyal to enjoy movies or soap operas

  1. Adipati Dolken
    This year’s films such as Betting or possessiveness to romance entitled June Rain are evidence of the peak of the Duke of Dolken’s career in 2017 and can portray many characters with different characteristics.
  2. Jefri Nichol
    Not long ago, it seemed like Jefri Nichol had appeared in the entertainment world long enough to show his existence. In 2017 Jefri has starred in feature films such as Pertaruhan, Dear Nathan, One Fine Day, and another one that his fans have been waiting for, namely Cinta Untuk Starla.
  3. Rizky Nazar
    This handsome actor born in 1996 is also a strong rival for Adipati and Jefri in the acting world. Rizky Nazar, who has starred in a series of FTV and romantic-themed films, even Rizky Nazar became a young actor loved by the public in 2017.
  4. Deva Mahenra
    Starting his career from a talent search arena, Deva, who then played with his co-star, Chelsea Islan, has now begun to penetrate the world of the big screen. Deva became the main character in a horror film entitled The Invisible Family and the film One Day Later.
  5. Morgan Oey
    Since being inactive as a member of the Smash boy band, Morgan Oey, who is pursuing the world of film, is now increasingly serious about pursuing acting to show his talents through several feature films every year. This year Morgan Oey starred in two feature films, Mooncake Story and Sweet 20.
  6. Maxime Bouttier
    The actor, who is reportedly close to Prilly Latuconsina, is one of the actors who peaked in 2017. No doubt, in 2017, Maxime is now playing in 4 feature films. The films played included Gunung Kawi, Otajin, Meet Me After Sunset, and One Fine Day.
  7. Endy Arfian
    Endy Arfian has now appeared in films that attract millions of viewers and is also the most successful film in 2017, Endy Arfian’s name stole the public’s attention. Apart from playing in a film called Pengabdi Setan, now also playing in the movie Rumah Kucing this year.
  8. Aliando Syarief
    This GGS actor has also reaped success from the many soap operas and films he has starred in at this time. It’s no wonder this young actor also has many young fans too
  9. Verrel Bramasta
    Verrel Bramasta often shows his talent by acting in soap operas. Certainly, he is no stranger to Verrel Bramasta’s handsome face. Being the main character in various teen soap operas, Verrel is a rival to other handsome young actors such as Rizky Nazar.
  10. Dimas Anggara
    Even though he is not as young as the other actors, Dimas Anggara has become one of the most popular actors for teenagers in 2017. This is because Dimas often starred in romantic-themed films that were aimed at teenage audiences.