10 Comedy Movies That Are Not Funny At All

Hal Ashby’s dark comedy begins and ends with dying, but it’s all about embracing life—as embodied by Ruth Gordon’s straight-up delightful efficiency as a 79-yr-old bohemian who teaches a younger, depressed man (Bud Cort) tips on how to fall in love. The unique trailer known as it a “glowing sexcapade,” which is still a pretty unbelievable description of Michael Gordon’s flirty confection. In their first of many films collectively, Rock Hudson is a playboy songwriter who assumes a number of identities in order to seduce Doris Day’s uptight inside decorator. Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell are perfection in this cheeky musical comedy about two showgirls looking for love aboard a cruise ship.

The scene the place he brings in his accountant pal (Charles Grodin) to fix the national finances is equal parts comedy and need-achievement. Few film sequels have improved as much on the original as Addams Family Values, a black comedy that stretches the surreal, campy humor of 1991’s The Addams Family so far as it’s going to go. The complete unique cast is a ghoulish delight, and Joan Cusack is terrific as a “black widow” trying to stake her claim on Uncle Fester (Christopher Lloyd).

A shamelessly foolish spoof of airplane-catastrophe movies, this entry within the Zucker, Abrahams and Zucker parody-comedy canon options comedian actor Leslie Neilsen (playing the proverbial “doctor on board”) at his straight-confronted greatest. The comedy ensemble (composed of Graham Chapman, John Cleese, Terry Gilliam, Eric Idle, Terry Jones and Michael Palin) delivers 92 minutes of witty historic satire, over-the-prime violence, surrealist situations and crass insults. There’s no higher instance of British humor’s highbrow-lowbrow appeal. Mel Brooks launched his two finest movie parodies in the same year, and it’s powerful to choose the funnier one.

Rene Russo’s efficiency as a jaded scream queen is director Barry Sonnenfeld’s secret weapon. By a bizarre set of circumstances, a stunning, totally regular man named Dave (Kevin Kline) finds himself impersonating the President of the United States—and doing the job better than the actual politician he changed.

But the fictional Kazakh journalist within the unwell-fitting swimsuit also made America snort, do countless dangerous impressions (“My spouse!”), and gape at this unscripted, prank-stuffed characteristic movie, which in all probability couldn’t have been made at any other time in movie history. It doesn’t get any funnier than Edgar Wright’s demented zombie comedy, about two losers (Simon Pegg and Nick Frost) who find themselves defending their London neighborhood towards an undead rebellion, one eighties record at a time. Is there a single dangerous line on this Tina Fey-scripted high school comedy? From Amy “I’m a cool mom” Poehler to Gretchen Weiners’ “filled with secrets” hair, from “I’m a mouse, duh! ”, this feminist fish-out-of-water story is so good, it almost made “fetch” occur.

Christina Ricci, nonetheless, gets the most effective scene within the film, when Wednesday Addams enacts revenge on the spoiled rich youngsters and racist counselors at her summer time camp. There are few issues extra entertaining than watching Robin Williams go to city on a joke, and the late comedian genius found plenty of improv inspiration within the outlandish premise of Chris Columbus’s household film. Williams plays a voice actor who loses custody of his three kids to their a lot-extra-competent mother (Sally Field), and decides to con his way back into their lives by impersonating a (female) housekeeper. Whoopi Goldberg and Maggie Smith are a heavenly mismatch in this really feel-good movie, a couple of Reno lounge singer (Goldberg) who witnesses a mob hit and is compelled to hide out in a convent, posing as a nun. Their “Bohemian Rhapsody” singalong is among the finest comedy bits of the decade, nevertheless it’s the small jokes (“Hi. I’m in Delaware.”) that make the movie.

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Blazing Saddles sends up the entire genre of Hollywood Westerns, highlighting the implicit racism of the cowboy fantasy by putting a black sheriff (the wonderful Cleavon Little) in the lead role. Richard Pryor cowrote the screenplay, controversial then and now for its frequent use of the n-word in the name of comedy. But there’s no denying the movie is subversive. And there’s good humor for everyone here—whether you like witty social commentary, impressions (Madeline Kahn does a imply Marlene Dietrich) or prolonged fart jokes.

As their signature songs explain, Lorelei (Monroe) is simply thinking about a suitor who can afford diamonds, whereas Dorothy (Russell) goes after the best-wanting males…who may not be excited about ladies in any respect. A daring satire of Adolf Hitler and a daring statement in opposition to fascism, Charlie Chaplin’s most controversial movie has him enjoying both a Hitler-like dictator and the lookalike Jewish barber who’s mistaken for him. Watching Chaplin play the idiot within the guise of modern history’s biggest monster—earlier than the world fully understood the true horrors of the Third Reich—still feels subversive.

The movie was a detailed collaboration between Ephron, director Rob Reiner and stars Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan; Crystal famously got here up with the proper line that capped the deli orgasm scene. Playing thickheaded police sergeant Frank Drebin, Leslie Nielsen shoots off one ridiculous punchline after another–and the stupider they get, the funnier this schticky send-up of detective movies becomes.

Almost too dark to be referred to as a comedy, however undoubtedly too funny to not be, the Coen brothers’ Oscar-profitable stars Frances McDormand as pregnant police chief Marge Gunderson, who investigates a ugly murder case with most Minnesota allure. Catherine O’Hara and Fred Willard steal the movie as Ron and Sheila, married journey agents who take their acting hobby very significantly. In this cruel satire of the movie business (based on an Elmore Leonard novel), Miami mortgage shark Chili Palmer (John Travolta) tries to pitch his life as a film—and learns that working for the mob is great follow for Hollywood. Danny DeVito is hysterical as the strategy actor Chili eyes to play him.