10 Best Movies in 2020

  1. Queen of the Dark Arts
    Ratu Ilmu Hitam is a remake of the film of the same name in 1981. Directed by Kimo Stamboel who collaborated with Joko Anwar as the scriptwriter, the audience will be stunned and made goosebumps when watching the film Ratu Ilmu Hitam.
  2. Bike Boyz
    This comedy-drama film directed by Aris Nugraha has also entered the list as the best film in 2019 Bike Boyz is the same as Preman Pensiun, which has the city of Bandung as the backdrop for a complete story with original Sundanese actors. This time, it tells about the solidarity between Vespa children when their community gets into trouble.
  3. Love is a Bird
    Another Indonesian film directed by Richard Oh, entitled Love is a Bird.
    The film, which premiered at the Jogja Film Festival last year, was released in 2019 and has kept the list of best films in 2019. This film tells the story of a well-known photographer, Bront Palarae, who is visiting Jogjakarta for a moment, meeting a dancer, Ibel Tenny, who ends up in love conflict.
  4. Midway
    Entering the Hollywood film Midway, directed by Roland Emmerich is known for its sophisticated visual effects. This film can also entertain Hollywood movie lovers
  5. Doctor Sleep
    The Shining from Stephen King’s novel which was appointed to the big screen by Stanley Kubrick is one of the many best horror films of all time.
  6. Ford v Ferrari
    In this film, there is its excitement, namely the acting battle between Christian Bale and Matt Damon, no doubt about its quality. These two mature stars are present in the Ford v Ferrari film, whose stories are taken from true stories. Tells the story of car designer Carroll Shelby and racer Ken Miles who tries to make history when they beat a Ferrari in a cross race against a Ford car.